Week in Review 24/11/13

If you don’t know who we are, you can check out my page about our family.  You’ll meet all 11 of the Johnsons plus our awesome son-in-law and most beautiful granddaughter.  I try once a month to have a questionnaire done by one of our traveling children, so you can see things more from their perspective and also see how they are developing over the years of our travel.  This month it’s Toveli’s turn, our artistic 11-year old.

Our last week in the Tucson area allowed us to take a guided tour of Biosphere 2 which was over our head with scientific information but still a great place to checkout and see different environments under one ginormous glass roof.

We were attempting a night view from Kitt Peak Observatory but the program was cancelled due to high winds and sand blowing.  With some boohoos from the family, we ourselves had to hunker down in camp as the gusts threatened to blow us all away. 

I skipped ahead in time to the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and the parade at Bahia de Kino which I posted on the actual Revolution Day, then backtracked to share how it came to be that we are back in Mexico with believing that things always turn out in the end even though we stress far too much over it, with  It’ll All Work Itself Out. Add a little Advice from a Lizard thrown in…lizards are so cute and they have something to teach us all.


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