It’ll All Work Itself Out

When we first headed south from Canada some members of our large family were concerned of how we were going to fare with the heat of Mexico, preferring the coolness and rains of British Columbia.

That was a year ago.

Now, we all shiver in what used to feel like warmth.  We crave the heat of the sun on our naked skin.  More and more heat…bring it on (within reason)!!

Tucson area was pleasantly warm during the days, but we were cold at night and the mornings were often unpleasant until the sun rose high enough to mount the hills we were often tucked behind.  Tucked there, because often the free camping spots aren’t prime real estate.  You take what you can get.

But we were cold, and complaining about it.  And when the winds blew that cold along with sand into our eyes and tents our sights on Mexico intensified.

I plopped myself down on my chair with Mexican Camping to read up about traveling to Kino Bay (Bahia de Kino) on the eastern shore of the Sea of Cortez.  Completely nervous about the whole trip, having mixed feelings because:

I was feeling forced into action;

I desired warmth and the beach;

It was out of my comfort zone.

You see, our visitor visa expiry date was imminent.  Everette was back in BC working again.  If we waited until his return we would be overstaying our welcome in the US.  It was tempting, I admit; to stay low, hope nothing happened that would draw the attention of authorities.  But I know the feeling of not being above board would always be hanging over my head and sickening in my gut.  So that wasn’t really a good option for us.

All travel was on my shoulders.  I’m totally fine with that…when in Canada or the USA.  But I wasn’t so keen on doing ‘EVERYTHING’ in Mexico where my Spanish sucks, and everything is new and unfamiliar.  Actually, it was the process at the border I was most stressed about.

Call me wimp, that’s okay.  Doesn’t change the fact that I wanted to go for the warmth and the beach; but I was feeling overwhelm about the process of getting us there.

There I was at Snyder Hill just starting to poke my nose into Mexican Camping to find out more about Bahia de Kino when a  big-rig neighbour came over.

Advertising on our roof boxes

Advertising on our roof boxes

Rob introduced himself basically with “My wife’s been reading your blog & that’s quite the adventure you’re on!”    We soon found out they themselves are huge adventurers.  Check out their 17-year circumnavigation at Now they are on land traveling full time and mountain biking.

Rob asked where we were headed and I said our next destination is Kino Bay.

Surprised (or not?) response: “We’re going there, too!”

Is this an answer? A travel companion across the border?

I dig a little bit, and find that they won’t be going soon enough to get us out of the country before our visa expires.  They’re thinking maybe in 2 or 3 weeks time.

I have to cross in less than a week.  Or sneak around.

Dee comes over and we chitchat awhile about our travels, our imminent plans for the day & for the week.  And off they go for a bike ride.

I return to worrying and reading about campground options in Mexico. Trying to relax, telling myself that it will all work out just fine, and that I’m very capable of doing what I need to do.

Afternoon arrives, and so do Rob and Dee back from biking.  Rob comes over and says “We’re going to Kino Bay this Thursday, if that’s any help to you.”  They had just received news from friends in Kino Bay that the house-arrangement they had been waiting on down there had come together sooner than expected, so it was a Go! for them in a couple of days.


“You’ll let us tag along?  You don’t mind helping me at the border?”  That’s exactly what Rob was willing to do, help me maneuver the unfamiliar at the border, the tourist visas for the large family, the banking, the vehicle permit.

He’s managed about 70 international borders already.  “It’ll be a breeze!”

He’s fairly fluent in Spanish.  That’s the thing I’m not.  Far from it.

Ahhhh.  Relief.


5 thoughts on “It’ll All Work Itself Out

  1. Sorry to learn we will not see you again in Mexico.We both miss the action around here.

    Keep in touch,we will send news of Baja if you are interested.

    Bon voyage,Tim

    Cortez, Colorado 81321

    • Of course we’d love to hear news of your travels.

      No swinging by Kino Bay?

      Mitchell is working on a sail today out of a tarp. But too windy/choppy to try it out with no counterweight to keep him from keeling over too far. I anticipate a tip-over, but who knows!

  2. Oh yeah….it’s flipping freezing here….put fresh water out for our dogs around 8 a.m. In the shade ..came back at 10:30….1/4 inch of it …frozen…. Dogi-Daqueris……

    • Ohh, doesn’t sound good to me. Glad I’m not there.

      I’m dealing with sand and rain in our tents, and blowing gusts 40kmh, but I’d rather be here on the beach on the Sea of Cortez than back on Vancouver Island living in a house, that’s for sure.

      Aren’t you heading south? Or you guys just in to torture?

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