Week in Review 17/11/13

I always think we live a fairly unscheduled life but the last couple of weeks hanging out around Tucson has been somewhat busy and getting on a schedule so that we could see some of the main sites we wanted to see.  The area around Tucson is a haven for Science Lovers, and we’ve been taking a few of these science field trips.

I chuckle, because years ago when I first met our ‘school teacher’, April, I told her that “I don’t do much as far as science goes. ”  But over the years we often give her tones of science-based work, and we’ve done plenty of science-based field trips.

Trip Advisor seemed to have people saying how much they enjoyed the Queen Copper Mine over any other mine tours anywhere, so we chose that mine as our kids first adventure into the depths of the earth.  Well, rather than down, it just went in the mountain.  But they loved it.

The next day we went into another mountain but discovered something that looked completely different than a mine.  I let Maret share her experience of Kartchner Caverns, and then Gaelyn wrote what she learned about bats, and those particularly that live in Kartchner Caverns, and then I followed with my own perspective.

San Xavier Mission del Bac is beautiful architecture, no doubt.  The restorations are ongoing, and its certainly a site to check out if you’re in the SE Arizona region.  It’s free but donations are always welcomed!

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