Boxers and Fish Heads

Camped out in the hinterlands of Arizona we put no effort towards pulling in a sugary-loot I’d regret, we sort of ignored the fact that yesterday was Hallowe’en.

Danaka and Maret were far more focused on the fact that tomorrow (which is actually today when I’m writing) was November 1st, which for them marked the beginning of NaNoWriMo in which they had set a goal of writing 25,000 words each by the end of the month, but actually working jointly on one novel, just 2 different perspectives.  And having to write it all down with pen on paper since we would never have enough computer juice via solar to support such a time sensitive project.

We’ll see how their writing goes.  They think they will kill each other.  and  we might be down 2 children by the end of the month.  Which, in Mitch and my calculations, would provide a heck of a lot more room in the van for traveling, what with 2 more empty seats, plus extra bedding, backpacks and books –amounts to a heap of available real estate.

So, anyways, nobody paid attention to it being Hallowe’en yesterday until well into the evening when Gaelyn brought it up and asked why we hadn’t gone Trick or Treating.  I mentioned that we didn’t have any costumes and no town to invade and she said, “Well, let’s go find one!”  But we didn’t.  It was already near freezing, and us parents are party poppers!!

But, this morning we discovered that maybe we had had some costumes.  For at least the guys!

Looks a bit like a turban here, but he was soon joined by Mitchell running back from his backpack with….

Anders joins them

Anders joins them

Not to be left out, Anders digs in Laars’ backpack (the young boys decided months ago to go without wearing them but we still pack a few along in case one of them decides to change their ways).

I suggested they could have gone Trick or Treating as “The Gonch-o Brothers”.

Things never stay ‘normal’ with a 7 yo (or a Johnson) for long, so Anders got goofing off more and more, wanting to sport his underwear.

Which got us to thinking,….

why don’t the guys who wear their pants half-ways down to their knees who are obviously wanting us to see their underwear just put it right out there for all to see.  It would certainly be more comfortable to wear their pants like this…


then the way they do, making it look like they crapped in their pants!  Maybe Anders should start a new fashion statement!

By the way, Laars decided to have no part in the undies thing but thought something on the head was funny enough to participate in.   He wore a fish backpack his sister Maret had made for him.

Laars' silly fish hat

Laars’ silly fish hat


DSCN6721Here’s a better view of the fish.  Hand-sewn by Maret so Laars can keep some of his treasures in.  However, his treasures still find their way out of the fish and into everything else.  Will we ever find a system to help this boy keep his things out of mom’s sight!!?

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