Buenos Aires, Big Bugs & Bullets

Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge once was a sprawling ranch stretching from the Mexican border about 25-30 miles northward, and now it supposedly has helped with the recovery of pronghorn antelope, and is a great place for birdwatching.  We wouldn’t know….  we’ve seen very little of the birdlife, and nothing more than some indiscernible hoof prints that might have belonged to antelope that checked out our neighbourhood during the night.  More likely they were the noisy coyotes chattering the night away.

But what we have seen have been:

-a lot of military flying over head to entertain us each afternoon.  Ok, I realize they aren’t doing it for our entertainment, but nonetheless we are enjoying it!!

-huge grasshoppers that crawl through camp and if you aren’t watching crawl across your feet.  Their armour is colourful with greens and greys, yellows and oranges.  Quite beautiful, really.  But they remind me of the locusts that destroyed Pa’s crops from Little House on the Prairie.grasshopper color

-big beetles with elevated behinds

-other big creatures the boys pick up and stick in Maret’s face to hear her scream with fright.

-a kazillion spent bullet shells that Laars stands up for military formation with generals and sergeants and all the privates ready to fall down at his command.Laars

-absolutely filthy hands and feet (& everything else) from this dry, fine red dusty earth.  I mean, what can I expect when Laars lays his head down in this stuff!

-prickly grass stuck in every piece of exposed flesh, and every piece of fabric so that the unexposed flesh might also get pierced.  Nasty stuff.

Sunrising on the mtns to the west of us long before its warming rays defrost us

Sunrising on the mtns to the west of us long before its warming rays defrost us

-beautiful sunrise on the hills to the west while we sip our morning tea to warm us up as the air around us is about 3-6 C, and we anxiously anticipate the sun rising high enough over the mountains to the east that it will spread its warmth across us, too.

Danaka writing.  What else would she be doing?

Danaka writing. What else would she be doing?

-stargazing at night is wonderful.  Southern Arizona has little light pollution, and explains why there are about 5 or 6 observatories around the Tucson area.  Stargazing is one of the best things about not living in a house!  We tend to see the night sky, stop and pause to drink it in.  Maybe its just on our way to the loo, or its while sitting in the dark unwinding from the day.

While we’ve spent a few days here at Buenos Aires we’ve had some down time for reading, writing, journaling, and bookwork.  The kids have played a lot of frisbee to keep themselves warm in the early morning.  And the rest of the day they search for shade and reprieve from the heat we are no longer used to.  It’s about 29-33C.

It’s nice not to have to pack up in the morning and cram everything back in the van.  We can spread out, breath a little.  Stretch our legs.  Not bother driving anywhere.  Not argue over which is the best way to get to where we think we might want to be but might turn out to be just another dry hole in the ground.

None of us are anxious to go there anytime soon.

Staying put has been nice.


GPS Waypoint Boondocking Free Camping

Buenos Aires Wildlife Reserve  N 31.63779  W 111.42036

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