We Came All This Way for That Dried Up Hole?

Looking for a lake in southern Arizona is somewhat futile, except for the few you could pay $10 just to go checkout and see if you want to stay for the day, or like $25 a night to camp at, which is beyond our budget.

And spotting something on the map and not being able to research it on the internet or get straight answers from people means one might drive across rocky pothole infested country roads to find the anticipation doesn’t pay off, with something like this to behold:Arivaca Lake

Well, that was our first view of what we thought might be ‘the lake’.  Then we spotted to the left a large pond surrounded by tall grasses, and two narrow angled country rides Y-ed to approach the puddle but not quite reach it before petering out.

We forgot to take pictures of the real deal, though nothing nothing exciting.

We giggled about the sad lake situation, with some disappointment mixed in.  We had spent the morning crawling along at about 10km/h, Laars dreaming of swimming in the lake though I had already tried to prepare him for the unlikeliness of that but he wouldn’t hear of it.  Everette recalled he had read somewhere that the fish had all died due to lack of oxygen.  The lake looked like sloppy mud.

Lunch, and we moved on.  Slow going didn’t get us too far down the road.  No water in sight we pulled into Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge where one night turned into 3.  We didn’t feel like moving, somewhat deflated from our failed search for a proper lake to play at.

I’ve been trying to remind people to embrace where we are at.  Not always wishing we were somewhere else: somewhere we’ve been that we enjoyed previously, or somewhere we hope will fulfill our dreams in the future.  Embrace here, and now!

And to learn to enjoy places that don’t involve the water sports they so enjoyed last winter.

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