Building Boxes, Maybe Overkill Maybe Not

Roof top tents gone, we got onto the next project.  Building cargo boxes for the van roof.

The basic of Everette's boxes.  They have lift off lids with hasps and locks.  But this one will also have the front section accessible from the side with a lift-up door where we can easily get at our camping gear without unloading cargo from above.

The basic of Everette’s boxes.

Everette divided each box into thirds inside to help contain things.  The front section of the front box has a side hatch so we can access it without having to unload any of the boats/surfboards.  That’s where we store most of our tents and sleeping pads.

Danaka painting

Danaka painting

The other sections contain things like all our snorkelling  and fishing gear, some reading/school material, a few board games, food staples (rice and oats), extra toilet paper and paper towels, odds and ends.   When we are ‘in camp’ for a while we’ll be able to unload the boats and have easier access to the things up top that we don’t need immediately while driving between places.

The boxes turned out heavier than we had realized they would.  And now full of stuff, it makes the van heavy up there.  But the extra space is nice to have.  Necessary, really.

When we had the rooftop tents, we were able to keep much of the bedding up inside the tents which alleviated some storage issues inside the van while traveling.  Now all our blankets, pillows, sheets etc have to fit inside the van.

And dad and mom, the old farts on this journey (Everette and I!) brought along our high-density foam mattresses (yes, plural) that we had back in BC to cushion our old bodies.  They unfortunately take up quite a bit of precious space and are heavy, awkward beasts to manuevor inside the van.  But without them we don’t sleep well (and Everette wakes up achey) and nobody wants 2 growly grumpy sleep-deprived bears mulling around camp.


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