Christmas Arrives in Art Supplies

You know how artistic our kids are….no talent from their mother, that’s for sure.  Well, even though we have to declutter all the time, and lighten up on a lot of things, we tend to be a bit heavy traveling with art supplies.  When Everette was in BC working with Mitchell for a month, he met up with our ‘school teacher’ who helped Everette buy some really nice supplies for our budding artists.DSCN5761 Gaely has really taken to needle crafts in the past 2 years, seems especially sparked when we stumbled upon elderly ladies hand quilting at Fort Rod Hill, to send to those injuried in the military overseas.  Besides quilting, she enjoys needlepoint and counted cross-stitch, so she received 2 chunks of fabric for cross-stitch, a book of patterns for bookmarks (straight rectangles, plus those corner triangle bookmarks) a package of threads, and a couple of rings to hang her skeins of wound thread on.  She’s now busy making a bookmark for herself with her month-of-birth on it.  Maybe I can steal it away when it’s done since we share the same birth month.DSCN5762

What kid doesn’t like some new colourful pencils?  And what teacher doesn’t like giving them, and stickers, too?

The kids have been busy trying out their new markers, and calligraphy nibs and various colours of ink.  Toveli is creating beautiful pictures with watercolour pencils while Laars gets free rein with the paint castoffs from older siblings. 

DSCN5765The challenge now is to find a place to pack these treasures away when we leave Cortez, CO.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Arrives in Art Supplies

  1. I’m sure you guys will be able to find room for all the new craft stuffs. I know there were a couple items in camp that weren’t going to make it through the selection process again, so there should be a few nooks and crannies!

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