Large Family Size Effecting Divorce Rate? Does Traveling & Living in Tight Quarters Do the Same Thing?

Found this an interesting article to read.

Had a discussion with 6 of our kids, and they all seemed to understand the logic in it.  The predominant one really being that when you have so many siblings all with diverse personalities, you have a great opportunity of learning people skills.  The more personalities there are (up to a point) the better you become at learning people skills.  In theory, at least.

This  carries over into how you might handle the day-in day-out of married life.

Since being on the move these last 10 months in very tight quarters (vs our moves into temporary houses with separate rooms to hide in, although nobody had a private room–except the bathroom with a lock on it) I’m wondering if that is improving our people skills or not.

At present, I feel that we are failing at handling our disagreements with one another in a reasonable and respectable manner.   We’d rather walk away, hide, escape the situation.

Or the young boys (6 & 7yo) are being very physical in their approach to finding a solution.  Knock out the other’s lights, or rip off their face and ‘all will be right in my world.  I’ll win if I gouge hard enough! ‘  Seems to be their attitude.

Ah, the perfect family!

Squashed against the netting on the tent


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