Slow at the BMX Track

(most of) Maret

(most of) Maret

We take it slow because we don’t have safety equipment, not even basic helmets.

The bikes are borrowed from our hosts, Tim and Ann, who had them for when their grandchildren would visit.  Now they are getting lubricated and used a bit more with the Johnson kids and their new love of the BMX track.  I’m sure if Mitchell were here he’d be loving it, too.  And Laars, well, he isn’t riding a bike yet so he climbs the hills and doodles while watching his siblings cycling.  He doesn’t seem to mind, and doesn’t initiate learning to ride.

We go when the track is vacant.  Less people for our kids to cause an accident with.

Perfect during school hours, earlier in the morning when it isn’t hot yet.

None of them are racing, just enjoying the ups and downs and the corners.  No pressure, no timer, no starting gun.  Just fun with their siblings.

I enjoy watching them give tips to each other, to better their skills.  And to hear them encouraging their siblings on, delights this mama’s heart.

5 thoughts on “Slow at the BMX Track

    • Hey, Michele, I was just thinking about you guys yesterday, and Fran and Jeff.

      We think we’re going to be heading to the Copper Canyon area and the other side of the Sea of Cortez. If you’re going to Baja we’ll wave at you!! What are your plans? Cycling to South America??

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