Labouring Away

Happy Labour Day to Canadians and Americans

Layne at work.  She's a barista.

Layne at work. She’s a barista.

While I’m living quietly with 6 children on 10 acreages our friends own and labour over, and I watch movies (some educational) and read books, and research online, and write online, and make meals, and do laundry, go swimming and take the kids rock climbing and to the BMX track, and referee fights, and go to bed by a reasonable hour….

My hubby and teenage son are slaving in Canada, working most nights until the wee hours so we can afford to live on the road and go back to Mexico to further our travels.  Everette says they’ve done 23 jobs in 17 days.  No wonder……

Mitch on the way to work at 11pm

Mitch on the way to work at 11pm

I admire my men’s hard work, and all the others of you (men and women) who work your butts off to keep food on your tables and etch out the best life you perceive for your families.



Mitch with a macchiatto

Mitch with a macchiatto


Thanks for all your hard work, guys.  I love and miss you.


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