Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the spice of life, but sometimes we get into hum-drum routine.DSCN5403

With Everette and Mitchell still away, busily working their butts and nights off, the kids and I are filling our days up with l-o-n-g visits to the library, regular swims at the pool, sometimes an hour or so of rock climbing at the rec centre, picnics in the park, too much grocery shopping (that happens all the time with a large family).

Laars @ Manco healthfood store

Laars @ Manco healthfood store

I finally decided to read a Harry Potter book to the kids this summer since we’d never found out what the thrill with the books were.  So I read the first book.  Then with book two Gaelyn started reading aloud when I wanted a break, anxious to get on to the third book.  The books suddenly got bigger and it became a chore actually to read all that aloud, pressured by the 3 week library loan.  Maret, and occasionally Toveli, joined in reading aloud to siblings and I followed along less and less, losing interest after the second book.

The children have enjoyed the Potter books so much they’ve thanked me over and over again for initiating the read-of-the-summer-of-2013.  And a treasure was discovered at the library…..Potter videos!  Oh, they love them.  They discuss the differences between the book and video, what they had imagined some character to look like, venturing to imagine what may lie ahead in the upcoming books.

Gaelyn working on a pot holder Ann is helping her sew

Gaelyn working on a pot holder Ann is helping her sew

Pressure is off, we borrowed the fourth book from Kathe and the kids still press on taking turns reading aloud throughout the day while listeners mend, doodle, crochet.  Minds and fingers always on the go from sun up to sun down.  DSCN5404Maret took the pictures of the flowers.

I love it, actually.  The busy-ness of their beings.  Learning, attempting, creating.




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