My Men are Away

On BC Ferries

Mitchell on BC Ferries approaching Vancouver Island

My men have gone back to BC to do some work.  I wish it weren’t so, but somebody still has to work so we can afford to do this slow, long-term traveling!  Everette is thrilled to have a willing and hard-working teen son who helps him out.  And along the way they get to enjoy time together building relationship.  It isn’t all work.

Working diligently, never complaining.

Working diligently, never complaining.

Some work is enjoyable, at least the environment.  The guys have picked up jobs on some pretty pricey yachts over the years, and you know how Mitchell loves anything Boats.

A boat the men did some detail cleaning on.

A boat the men did some detail cleaning on.

They are able to stay with Layne while in BC, and so they managed to get Time Off the same day as she did and tootled around the Saanich peninsula, to Sidney, Brentwood Bay and James Bay.

Along the Saanich peninsula

Along the Saanich peninsula

Really, all they truly care about isn’t the places to go but the people to be with.  They always enjoy each others company.  More so now that its harder to come by.


Silly siblings at the breakwater in VIctoria

Silly siblings at the breakwater in VIctoria


Love and Miss You Guys!





2 thoughts on “My Men are Away

  1. Looking forward to spending sometime with at least a few Johnson…….. miss my friend though. Sending a big hug your way. Love ya!

    • I miss and love you, too. Wish I could have been there for your Birthday….or any day. Sounds like the boys got along well together. Thanks for letting them hang out at your place.

      Good friendships with you guys. Hope one day you’ll be able to come visit us on the road!!

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