Maple, Sweet as Syrup

Our family LOVED the day we spent out with Kathe and TJ amongst the wild horses in this southwestern part of Colorado.  It has great memories for all of us.

In last weekends storm Everette decided to go to town and get some treats and supper, to compensate (?) for us getting drenched out of our tent.  He and the kids think up any kind of excuse to Celebrate!

Well, it was fantastic timing as they ran into TJ at the store in town.  Maret recognized her, so they all traipsed over to talk with TJ.  She mentioned that she had some pictures to share with us of Maple, the foal/filly that was born nameless about a week before we ventured out there.  So, our family got the pleasure of naming her.

Isn't she Sweet?

Isn’t she Sweet?

Our ideas had been:

Columbia (but that didn’t seem so much Canadian since the Columbia River ends in WA/OR, and the outdoor equipment company is American, so we scratched that)

Maple (after Maple Butter that we soooo loved when we were in Quebec; and of course the Maple Leaf on our flag, and all the other maple products of eastern Canada)

Canuck (slang for a Canadian)

We settled on Maple, for the strong tree, as her mother’s name was Juniper.


Our Maple!!

Photos by TJ Holmes of Spring Creek Mustangs


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