Blueberry Pancake Breakfast

Tim and Ann invited us up for Saturday Breakfast to feast on Blueberry Pancakes along with bacon, fruit salad and drinks.  They thought maybe they had over-cooked for our crowd but our kids showed them how they can pack away food!!


We all enjoyed the morning feast, the great company and the warming sunshine.

But we missed Everette and Mitchell who are away for a few weeks.  But then, there wouldn’t have been enough food to share with those grown men so I supposed it was a good thing they weren’t here for breakfast!


Thanks for the photos, Ann.

4 thoughts on “Blueberry Pancake Breakfast

    • Tim, the cook, even had time to sit down with us to enjoy, as you can see in the pics. But I think he was up early (as usual) to cook the bacon and start flipping pancakes. AND he did the dishes because he insisted on using real plates vs paper. And there’s only room for one to work in their kitchen so he got to do the whole deal meal!!

    • good to hear your having a great time …i have been filing your blogs as they came in so on a rainy day…i’ll read them all…we are back home since aug 4 Kruz and i and aug 17 for wayne as his daughter in Gibsons had a new baby boy…so thats 6 grandsons for him.take care we’ll keep in touch….so happy to have met you on our trip. love fran.

      • Do you ever get rain? Always chasing the sun, I think.

        We loved meeting you guys at Cerritos, and glad you are keeping in touch. Maybe our paths will cross again.

        Congrats to Wayns on all those grandsons!! Some people major in boys, some of us major in girls.


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