Mitchell’s New Look

Birthday Boy in the bus

The Old Mitch

Mitchell FINALLY brushed his hair

Mitchell, when we can hardly see his face

and the New Mitchell with a face.  Mitchell's new Do

Mitchell’s new Do

Handsome, bright eyes, nice touch of natural curls.  We had to tidy him up as he was heading back to BC with his dad to do some work.  Cutting off the mess of dreadlocks was the order of the day, and it was the deciding factor of the final length.

We imagined that we were going to have to use the buzz cutters but were all delighted that I was able to save more length than that!

Toveli kept saying how much she liked the new cut in the day that Mitchell hung around before leaving for Albuquerque and ultimately Vancouver.  It didn’t give us much time to adjust to the new look, but he sure got an earful of compliments in those hours before departure.

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