L’Amour Country

I loved the frame.  Made from reclaimed 100 year old barn wood.  The side photos were slanting inwards while the middle photo was flat.

I loved the frame. Made from reclaimed 100 year old barn wood. The side photos were slanting inwards while the middle photo was flat.

Rauchelle had commented that the countryside around Cortez reminded her of Louis L’Amour books she used to read (and owned about 60 of them from the used bookstore) as a teenager, and when we drove passed the “Hole in the Wall” on our way up to Arches Nat’l Park she commented that L’Amour had mentioned that particular spot in one of his books.

So when I was perusing the Mesa Verde magazine I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Louis L’Amour used to live near the town of Mancos (he ranched at Cherry Creek) and there was a ‘gallery’ in his honour at the Mancos Visitor Center. Lous L'Amour

We moseyed on over to have us a look, and although the ‘gallery’ isn’t much more than a display (and sale) of some of his books that described areas near by, one of the ladies there seemed very knowledgable about Louis.  She had on display some information she obtained about his life.  There was a map of the southwest and had marked & keyed every L’Amore book whose setting took place in the area.

Supposedly Louis started work (put in the foundations) to build a gallery or museum as a tribute to his own life and writing career, but when locals mentioned that an influx of tourists couldn’t be supported by the local community (or rather, the lack of services) he kaboshed his own idea.  You can still see the remnants amongst the overgrown grasses parallel to the highway (across from his old ranch–still a working ranch).

wedding dress on right

wedding dress on right

Toveli loves old-fashioned dresses like the one on the left, but it was interesting to hear a story about the outfit on the right.

A group of old ladies comes in every Friday afternoon to play Bridge.  One of the ladies, Jean, is about 80 years old.  Jean says that in the photograph that’s her Grandmother in the back row and on the right.  And that the brown skirt with jacket, fur wrap and hat was her Grandmother’s wedding dress!

(Nothing is known about the white gown on the left, which one would guess would be more likely to be a wedding dress.)


2 thoughts on “L’Amour Country

  1. I just LOVE learning about the state in which I live, as seen through the eyes and experiences of your family. You are all such an inspiration!
    Thanks for ALL these posts!
    Leslie and Jim

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