OYAN Summer Camp (guest post by Danaka)

Guest Post by Danaka Johnsons:

DSCN3104So, as you might have heard, I spent a week (15-22 June) away from the family to go to a summer writing camp, or as I call it, The Workshop.

The OYAN Summer Workshop is closed in the fact that you need to be doing or have done the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum, and the main things that started it was a sense of community that evolved into a place where writers can come and learn things about the professional writing that others in the business have already learnt, mostly the hard way. It’s one way to make things a little easier for us while we also get to hang out with the friends that we made on the forum.

For me, after spending years of almost no friends at all, the forum was a wonderful experience (though I’m sure mom is remembering all the days I was in my room talking to people. What can I say? I was making up for lost time) and helped me with the developing of characters till they wouldn’t shut up (Like Logan 😛 ).

Jacie & I

Jacie & I

So meeting some of my best friends, and getting to know other people that I otherwise would probably have never met, was, what I call, the best time of my life.

Other than sessions of listening to people talk about the business that I currently only dream about, and meeting friends that I’ve dreamed of meeting, there was then the Critique groups. Those nasty groups that tear apart your writing and expect you to say something profound, like you actually know what you’re talking about. And that was one of my favorite parts of the week. I learnt so much during critique groups (my group was the Running Chicken. A very pretty nebula) and gained a whole new perspective on the editing process, which I had otherwise avoided due to having nothing to edit, nothing worth editing, and just a general dislike of the idea, which seems to have found it’s way back to me.

Mrs S

Funny Mrs S

Daniel S the head honcho

Daniel S the head honcho

And so it was with a pad of notes on writing, a few notes from friends, and heavy, saddened heart, I came back to my family and wished I had something to write to distract me from the nostalgia that followed. And don’t be fooled! Nostalgia always manages to find it’s way in, especially in the form of Owl City and Fluffnarks.

The Fluffnarks

The Fluffnarks

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