Humpty Dumpty in Colorado Springs

Humpty-Dumpty-in-Colorado-SpringsAfter picking Danaka up in Denver we camped on Rampart Range Rd out of Sedalia.  This is ATV-lovers land, but we were fortunate to find a place to camp on the weekend, supposedly because many people stayed away because of the fires.  It still smelt clean at this elevation.  I appreciated the alpine flowers.wildflowers-native-colorado

Everette’s grandfather was born in Colorado Springs so we decided to head there (via Woodland Park which looked beautiful) so we could at least say “Been There”.  We thought we might just take a quick drive thru, not linger.  But after a stop at the Visitor Center and then armed with a Walking Tour pamphlet we decided to hit the streets for a bit of a break from driving on a nice sunny Sunday.  Not all the kids were thrilled with our idea but they tagged along.  I promised we would only go about 3 blocks, check out the architecture and stores, see some art vendors and head back to the van.  Nothing too long.  Not the whole hour-long Walking Tour thingy.

But we didn’t know what we’d find.  And although we only walked a few blocks more than my first suggestion, we were gone quite some time and apparently we all enjoyed it!  Yeah, for attitude.humpty-dumpty-pictures-colorado-springs

Our first find was Humpty Dumpty.  The kids spotted it, on both sides of the street.  Creative, quirky, unique.  Brought chuckles to us. We discovered it is art done by Kimber Fiebiger, check her out at Joan of Art.

We did checkout the old architecture, noticing cornices, arches, brick/stone work, etc.  But what overtook it all were the multitudes of bikers on the cordoned off streets.  We found ourselves in the middle of Tejon Street Bike Fest.  Loud music, black leathers, tattoo


After our walk thru downtown we went out to see the Garden of the Gods.  We mulled around the visitor centre checking out the exhibits and items in the giftshops.  Anders seems to thrive in these environments, usually mentioning when he leaves “That was so much fun!”garden-gods-colorado-springs-visitor-center

Garden-Gods-Colorado-SpringsThe day was getting away on us we just drove amongst the rocks taking pictures but didn’t get out for any walks. (Edited: Never realized until 2015 that this is rated #2 Park in THE WORLD!!)

We made a quick  detour thru Manitou Springs which made us want to take a leisurely walk .  We didn’t get to sample the water from various springs.  We didn’t check out the quaint stores.  We didn’t get the real feel of the hubbub of Sunday shoppers.  Next time.

We found a free campsite to stay in near Coaldale, well off the beaten path.  The smell of smoke in the air I climbed into bed with a worried mind.  Concerned for what was collecting in my children’s lungs.

At least I didn’t see any smoke.  Maybe it was my imagination.

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