Skirting Forest Fires Throughout Drought-stricken Colorado

I haven’t posted that our large family (9 of us) have been on a short road trip to Denver to pick up Danaka who was away to Kansas City for a Writing Summer Camp with OYAN.  I haven’t been able to upload pics to share about our journey, but we’ve been to Denver on the weekend and are now journeying slowly south to Albuquerque, NM where we’ll be joyfully picking up our second born, Rauchelle, and our one and only granddaughter Marin on Wednesday.  There will be some postings in the (near?) future of our stop in Colorado Springs and whatnot.  But today I just wanted to post the Hot News Flash……our first forest fire.

So, we’ve been meandering our way thru the mountains of Colorado.  The state is in drought, complete fire ban for weeks now.  Water reserves are low.  Forest fires all over the place.  We’ve seen smoke from about 5 different fires as we’ve driven north and now working our way south.

But today, after stopping for a lazy morning and lunch in Salida we were heading south towards the Great Sand Dunes when we saw (about 2:30pm) smoke billowing up on the hills, flames licking hundreds of feet up the mountain side.  The cloud grew exponentially before our eyes, flames seemingly spreading up two separate hills.

There were no visible helicopters flying….probably nothing they can do at this point.  But we saw emergency vehicles and one copter congregated in a nearby field, likely having discussion and making tentative plans.

We are now in Saguache where the streets are noticeably starting to fill up with smoke, you can smell and see it, caught between fires sending smoke from various directions.  Not sure where we’ll be camping tonight.  Just stopped in to upload my video.  A bit unnerving.  We’ll be on Alert.


3 thoughts on “Skirting Forest Fires Throughout Drought-stricken Colorado

  1. OMG! Another fire. Yes, this state does seem to be burning up. It IS unnerving, isn’t it! Hope you all stay safe.

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