Licking Raindrops

I grew up in the Vancouver, BC area where the scenery is lush and green…..because of all the rain.  I hate the rain, and I hate grey.  I hate how the grey clouds blanket from the north shore mountains as far south as one can see, seeping its contents out slowly over days and days, or weeks at a time.

rain cloud approaching

rain cloud approaching

But take the rain away, give us heat and sunshine every single day…..after six months of dry and we run out to watch the rain clouds approach, listening for the approaching raindrops on the metal roof of the shed.  excited kidsAnxiously awaiting the rain’s arrivalMC & DanMaret and Danaka

We stick out our tongues to catch the wet morsels, we twirl like ballerinas giggling as the drops splatter designs on our clothes.

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