The Beautiful Loser’s Society

Last Sunday (before Father’s Day….)there was the final leg of

ride the rockies

where we passed hundreds of cyclists on our way to/from Dolores River.  That night by the hundreds they camped out on the grounds of the Parque de Vida.  We joined in & listened to Tim & Ann’s friend/neighbour share his songs & music via his group Beautiful Loser Society at a Music in the Park fundraiser.

Beautiful Losers SocietyThe Beautiful Loser’s Society provides musicfamThe family sat and enjoyed the music, met lots of people, danced a little.girls w dogFound a dog to love on tent cityThe City, just a portion of

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Loser’s Society

  1. Hi all.

    So cool to know that you are in our state. Wonder how long you will be here. We would LOVE to see you all again. If we get down there, we will certainly look you up! Have fun!, Leslie and Jim

    • We are around till autumn sometime, a bit coming and going, but mostly close to ‘home’ near Cortez. Heading towards Denver today for the weekend, then all the way to Albuquerque to pick up our dd and grand baby next week. We are having lots of fun, and love it here.

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