Laars feeling the cooler air

Laars feeling the cooler air

There is a crevice in the earth’s crust underneath where Laars is.  It appears to be breathing!  There are several of these earthcracks in this Wupatki area, connecting to an underground passage of which its size, depth and complexity is unknown.  They appear to be results of earthquake activity in the Kaibab Limestone bedrock, and they continue to be enlarging.

There hasn’t been any archaeological evidence for these being used for any purposes.  But “the Hopi, descendants of these early people, refer to the blowhole as the breath of ‘Yaapontsa’, the wind spirit,” attaching spiritual significance.   I think after a busy game in the ball court maybe if the air pressure was right it would blow cool air onto sweaty bodies for refreshment!blowhole sign4 blowhole sign5


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