Baja Beans and Market

Sometimes  I can’t stay organized.  Everette takes photos on his phone, occasionally I take some on mine. Then there’s the Coolpix (our main picture-taking camera) and not-in-full-swing-yet the GoPro.   I get them onto my laptop and make folders and such and inevitably misplace pictures.  Or inadvertently delete photos before they are categorized properly (or at all).

And now I just found this old blog draft I forgot to even post.  Must be getting old and forgetful.  Blame hormones.IMAG0992

Baja Beans is owned by a couple from North Vancouver, and we were told about them from Hanz and Laura months back, maybe in January.  Then Wayne Cochrane says “You really ought to go on Sunday and hear the music.  There’s lots to do.”  So we met Franny, Wayne and Kruz there before lunch and were amazed at the pleasantness of the whole thing.

Franny & Wayne

Franny & Wayne

A Farmer’s Market under the mango trees in the courtyard of Baja Beans.  Gorgeous baskets, polished stones, the yummiest produce in a l-o-n-g while. (We ate the Apple Bananas and the Peaches ‘n Cream corn raw in the parking lot before we drove away, it tasted like more but the guy was already packed up and gone) The coffee was wonderful, and the food absolutely scrumptious, particularly the Day’s Special: gooey chocolate cupcakes with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.

But unfortunately, those are some of the pictures I can’t find any more.

Especially disappointing because we met a lovely young couple from Canada (she was from Toronto, he from New Brunswick) who were the first to wish me a “Happy Mother’s Day!” and they have such a lovely story to tell about passion and dreams. I took photos of their story so I could read it later……only to lose the pics.  Argh!   They had met at a vineyard in New Brunswick and then were on their way to Guatemala to start up a vineyard (Zach had spent time in Guatemala before ).  But they stopped in Todos Santos and discovered this was the perfect place for them to start their dream.  Only 2 years ago they began their Sierra Laguna Vineyard and they just placed First for their Rose in a competition they entered last weekend.  This couple is full of energy and artistic flair like none other.  Kristianna in particular, oozes with creativity.  She created the design for their wine bottles, incorporating many of the great features in and around Todos Santos.  She made a big board they display at the markets/fairs about How We Met, explaining in a fun and creative way how her and Zach Everett met and (so far) lived happily ever after.

I’m bummed not to have those photos…..  but here’s some more from Everette’s phone.

Think Outside the Grape

Think Outside the Grape

Kristianna designed these labels for their wines

Kristianna designed these labels for their wines

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