Cirios-ly Traveling

We like the little town of Mulege (MOO-la-hay) because even with all the gringos around it is still very Mexican, as it should be.  We stopped in to get our laundry done, refill water, our pantry and our bellies.

display (in the laundromat) of shark jaw, shells, etc

display (in the laundromat) of shark jaw, shells, etc

Turtle shells

Turtle shells

lunch in town square

lunch in town square

knee jerks ;)

knee jerks 😉

Anders monsterThen off again, not sure how far to go but the kids were busy watching videos and Everette and I were enjoying the scenery.  You’ll hear horror stories of the Mexican highways, but if you stay alert it isn’t that bad.  There are virtually no shoulders on either side, thus putting you and the on-coming traffic close together, and a lot of the traffic is big rigs.  If close quarters bother you then you won’t like Mexican highways.  Oh, and there’s lots of pot holes, curves, debris.  Other than that, no problemo!

mtnsWe are back in the land of boulders and the boojum or cirious trees, dotting the landscape with their bizarre style of tree-dom.  Their tall trunks look like they are covered in black stubble, and their tops have tufts of yellow hairs blowing in the breeze.  Dr Seuss possibly traveled here looking for ideas for his stories.


Dark fell as we stumbled into Rancho Santa Ines where they have camping spots, a flush toilet in a small out building, and cool nights with no bugs or strong winds to give us all a good night’s sleep.

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