Long Day Sweltering In and Out of the Van

Some days we don’t think we’ll drive long, but then we don’t like the look or the feel of a place when we arrive so we press on, never quite sure where we’ll end up at the end of the day.

When we left El Tecolate north of La Paz out by the ferry terminal (to the mainland) we stopped in the city for a bit of shopping.  With our large crew (9 ppl) food is hard to keep in stock, particularly when we don’t have much space, and in the heat its hard to keep produce fresh and fruit-fly free.  So we seem to always be grocery shopping.

We stopped at Mega (think Mexican-type Walmart but better i.e. cleaner, tidier, etc) and had only collected some bananas in our buggy when we were approached by another gringo who asked if we were the family off a boat from Halifax.  Thea (& her dh Jonathan that we didn’t meet) has sailed from Vancouver, BC and has been in La Paz due to a boating accident she had (she lost the tips of a couple of fingers!) and is still getting physio.  But we had a delightful and encouraging visit with Thea, exchanged information.  Like many of us, they have left Canada to find a less stressful lifestyle where they can live on less money and yet have a greater standard of living.  They are at least trying it on for size, to see how it fits them.

Instead of going back out to the west coast on a secondary road we decided to put in a longer day driving north and get back up to the Bahia de Concepcion and checkout a different beach than we had camped at for near a month at Christmas. We checked out Rattlesnake Beach but weren’t thrilled about the beach.boats in water

We caught a quick break, ate a snack, Gaelyn soaked her injured big toe to clean it, and we hopped back in the muggy van with sweaty bodies and a new movie to watch.  Kids were ok to drive some more with the hopes that we could find a nice-enough place to stay for a couple of nights.  The packing/unpacking of the van is a job nobody wants to do on a daily basis and especially when its hot and muggy out.

We kept heading north figuring we had plenty of time to find a beach between Loreto and Mulege before the sun set.  But then we hit a military check that took us a whole hour to go through.  It wasn’t that we had any problems, because if we did we probably would have been held up for more than 2 hours.  But they were thoroughly checking the other vehicles, using a mirror on a long handle to walk around looking under the vehicles, unpacking cargo, looking under the hoods and in trunks.  We imagined the nightmare if we had to unpack and repack everything for them.  We thought maybe we would be camping right there with the military guys for the night.army truck

At every military checkpoint the guys eye the black boxes of tents on the roof, curious what’s in them.  Everette pulls out Booby’s business card  in hopes that it will explain what they are, and so far so good except that we are getting real low on the cards.

We pulled into Playa Requeson in the dark, a beach we had seen on our way south and knew people who had camped there.  The mosquitos were bad so we set up camp quickly and hit the sack.  See what we think about staying a couple of nights once we get up in the morning.

Our tents in the dark

Our tents in the dark

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