La Pastora

The Pasture…..can’t see it.  But its still gorgeous here on the beach.

We met Franny & Wayne and their grandson Kruz down at Cerritos Surf Colony, and they invited us to go camp with them for a few days at another beach so we came here, to La Pastora with them.  Just a few miles from the artist colony of Todos Santos it is peaceful, quiet (well, those crashing waves are nothing but quiet when you’re trying to get to sleep at night), picturesque and somewhat dangers.  The surf is short coming in but tall and powerful.  The riptide is strong and this is not a swimming beach.  But get that into the minds of 5 to 7 year old BOYS!!!  Standing on the crest of the beach they figure is safe enough, getting them wet and sandy and thrilling their souls.

Wave crashes up to cover Anders

Wave crashes up to cover Anders

Watching the waves crashing in below them

Watching the waves crashing in below them

But Franny and I stand nearby reminding them to keep their eyes on the waves, to stand back from the edge, to stay off the sloping bank.  They frolic in the sand, laughing as the surf licks at their feet and splashes their clothes.  Anders is shocked when the wave dumps sand and sea water on his head.  The water rushes back out to sea, thankfully without any of our boys.  Our adult hearts are on alert.  Boys think they are indestructible, and even if they did get pulled down the bank they could swim back because they are strong and manly and can do the doggie paddle!!

We lure them away with promise of a campfire after they are dry and changed.  No marshmallows, we roast sliced apples to caramelize…..Anders’ idea.

campfire with Wayne

campfire with Wayne & Franny

Next day we hang around camp doing chores, talking, watching Pride & Prejudice, writing emails, playing Lego, fighting, jumping off cliffs into soft sand, hanging out bedding soaked during the night.  Just another camping trip to the beach.

Surfing at high tide since there are rocks.  We’ll try and get some pics of the kids later today.  We want the high waves for surfing but puts me on alert again with the little boys.  Oh well, variety is the spice of life.

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