Friday Finds: A One-Inch Do

The salt water feels absolutely disgusting on the hair.  Sticky, tangled, coated.

The solution: eliminate as much hair as I was comfortable with.  Not quite ready (if ever) to shave it all off, although our new friend Franny did just that the day after we met her and Wayne.  I’ll post pics of Franny later since we are now camping with them.  For now you just get to find out what I look like with only a 1″ cut, thanks to Danaka and Toveli and our electric shears.


12 thoughts on “Friday Finds: A One-Inch Do

    • Absolutely, I’m loving it. Bed head galore, but I rarely look in a mirror so who really cares! Actually, I just sprinkle some water into it, spike it up and off I go. Great for swimming, and yes, much cooler.

      • Bawk, bawk, bawk =)
        I will go really short soon, but still not quite sure about how short. having been bald due the chemo I try to convince myself there’s no such thing as a bad hair day. But toward the end of our trip I had to face the truth about myself, that I really am vain about my hair and appearance. But I make no apologies for that, and don’t feel badly about it; it’s just who i am =)

      • Make yourself happy girl.

        I just really like it short short short for traveling now. Got Tov to cut it again yesterday but did it a 1/4 shorter than last time. She’s still learning, so she made some boo-boo’s on the back and I had to get Everette to buzz it right down this morning to tidy it up a bit. But I’m happy with it. Be happy with what you got.

        Oh, and I’m enjoying the lavender baths, and scrubbing my feet. They feel better now.

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