Cerritos: Poolside Luxury for us Campers

Pretty nice place to be hanging out for $20/night.  More than we’d usually consider spending, but the kids are finding it too cold to swim in the open Pacific and we are here really for those that want to surf and the pool gives the rest of us something to do.

Gaelyn & Danaka

Gaelyn & Danaka

We use the hot tub every evening and we’ve met wonderful people in there.  Great place to chit chat and make friends.  DSCN0830Franny and Wayne are also from BC & they stay in their motorhome at a friends palapa & take care of his plants while he’s away.

Franny & Bonnie

Franny & Bonnie

They have custody of their 6yo grandson who seemed to take a liking to Everette and I the first time we met him in the hot tub.  Since then he’s hit it off with our kids, and now we plan to go camping with them at another beach just north of here when our surfers have a bit more experience under their belt!  This beach at Cerritos is the best for beginners, having smaller waves and sandy bottom.  But they won’t always have it so easy.

Karen reading, oblivious to Everette sneeking pics

Karen reading, oblivious to Everette sneeking pics


The kids are swimming most days from right after breakfast (would be earlier if Mom didn’t postpone it) until suppertime, making friends, getting too much sun that shortens patience, getting tired eyes from chlorine, ready to hit the sack each night.

Kids gather around Ann from Toronto (with sweet British accent)

Kids gather around Ann from Toronto (with sweet British accent)

view from our usual poolside table

view from our usual poolside table

Some mornings we’ve discovered dead mice in the pool before the pool guy has done his rounds.  But this morning the kids found a live mouse doing the  doggie paddle.  Amazing how well those little guys can swim under water, coming to the surface with their pointed nose poking out for fresh air.  The kids didn’t want to swim with him, didn’t want him to drown (which would take until exhaustion, actually, since he can swim and can get himself out of the water but can’t climb the slippery tiles) but didn’t want to touch him, either.  These are the same children who will hand-feed the critters in our camp, make homes for them, respectfully bury them if need be.  They didn’t want to touch him because “he’s wet”.  Argh.  I said it was all a matter of their thinking, they could be bothered by his wetness or not.  Then brave Laars scooped him out and up, and tossed him into the yard to run for cover.


15 thoughts on “Cerritos: Poolside Luxury for us Campers

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  2. that IS a great picture of you, relaxing on that comfortable looking bed (?). And what a beautiful place to spend some time!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. It truly is a beautiful hacienda, and whatever your hand in it was, you must have great skills in design and decorative taste. You can be proud of your hard work, giving your all.

    I’m glad you wish your ex well, as you hopefully have peace of heart. Sounds like you do, although you feel duped out of a dream. That’s sad that it ended that way.

    I hope you all the best, and that you’ll find a new dream to fulfill. The world isn’t in Cerritos. You can still have the world. Spark a new dream.


    • Thank you Karen. And thank you for sharing your families adventures.

      Yes sad. No, abolutely not duped of a dream! At the time it felt like that, but looking back, it was a much needed life lesson. I am in a much more peaceful place in my life now. God is so very good.

      Anywhere I’ve traveled or lived before I can be nostalgic and miss!!

      I really just wanted to say something, because I was so tickled by what you wrote, or the local legend there… …. Maybe a ‘tale’ is best.


      • Glad you enjoy our family adventures. We certainly do!!

        Also glad you spoke up, too. The ‘woman’ was out there, I just never imagined you’d be reading my blog, that was funny. The other ‘tales’ or stories we heard (about others involved) weren’t so nice, but I wasn’t going to repeat them. Doesn’t negate the beautiful work and design. Good job.


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