Los Cerritos for Surfing

Most of the beaches on the Pacific side of the Baja are great for surfing…..which means they often aren’t good for swimming which is what most of our family does.  But we’ve taken a few days to be submerged literally in the surfing at Los Cerritos.  Yesterday morning we picked up another used surf board for Maret to use so both M&M (what we call Mitchell and Maret) can go out together.  Almost everything is better with a companion.

We are parked behind the Cerritos Surf Colony and able to have access to their swimming pool & hot tubs, and (glory of glories!) flush toilets!!!  We are all in heaven!!  Except that internet is excruciatingly slow so I can’t upload photos.  They will come later.  I was hoping to get lots done on the computer while the kids frolicked  in the pool and waves, but I guess that will have to wait for some of our long traveling days.

Small world!  While sitting in the hot tub the first evening, a familiar-looking lady climbed down into the swimming pool and chatted with a young mom we were sharing the hot tub with.  Discovering that we were Canadians the swimmer asked where we were from.  Unbelievably (or not) I knew her, from the Nanaimo Home Learners from years back.  And I had taken one of our daughter’s to her husband who is a naturopathic doctor.


Danaka's writing

Danaka’s writing

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