Fairy Farm




Those that have followed our travels will know that Toveli and Gaelyn, sometimes helped out by Maret and the 2 younger brothers, have built various Fairy Lands as we’ve travelled.  Each one unique.  This one totally unexpected, here on Baja.

Its a Fairy Farm.  Where they let their hermit crabs play roles as chickens, dogs, horses, according to their sizes.house

barns with hay piled

barns with hay piled

With a fireplace to keep warm (Baja nights can be nippy) and a sled tied up ‘just in case’ , the fairies  are prepared for a hard winter.

Exterior of the fireplace

Exterior of the fireplace

Sled in case it snows

Sled in case it snows


5 thoughts on “Fairy Farm

  1. These structures seem both sound and pleasing. good going kids. i am so enjoying learning more about your family since we met you at the Mega Store in Los Cabos. Happy travels and adventures.

    • Glad you are enjoying reading/learning, Leslie. I think you are the type of person we’d like to come along with us on our travels! You and Jim can come visit any time. So glad to have run into you.

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