Lunch with Teen Girls

Mom & Dan(Disclaimer: I was figuring out currency exchange, not playing a game or texting.  No worries, I actually talked with my table companions!!!)

We don’t do dates as often as we probably should, but we do try to connect with the kids someway somehow.  This day Everette and I had to go into Los Barriles because somehow we had missed the government vendor truck the previous day and we were in desperate need of water too.  So instead of packing up everybody we decided just to take the two teen girls out for lunch and enable them to use free internet for a long stretch of time.

Everette and Maret

Everette and Maret

Its always such a different atmosphere created when there aren’t little people interrupting, or a topic seems somewhat inappropriate for their ears.  To talk with Danaka and Maret separate from the rest of the family is to talk with young adults with blossoming ideas and philosophies.  Enjoyable.



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