Hot Tamales

One of our favourite foods here in Mexico are tamales.  We were getting them almost weekly from vendors that bring them hot.  Hot Tamales!!  We cheered, but no longer since most of the gringos are gone the vendors have stopped bringing them. DSCN0308 So with Layne here and having ranted and raved about them for months we had to make a special trip into San Jose del Cabo on Saturday to let her experience them for herself from a roadside (highway-side) vendor.  And she agrees….they are delicious.

tamales and empanadas

tamales and empanadas

We also let her try empanadas, burritos & sopa.  Muy bien!!!

Tamales are something akin to crustless-pot pies… like a very thick stew wrapped with some thick corn polenta unwrapped

inside dried corn husks, tied up like Christmas-crackers with a surprise inside. package

Each tamale is supposed to have a green olive hidden away.  Packages steamed for an hour.

A mess to eat but delicious.



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