Little Friends

say goodbye

A little boy from Oregon was vacationing in Mexico with his mom and spent a few days at Los Frailes where he spent pretty much all day everyday playing with Laars.  The two boys got along amazingly well, ‘I’ being almost 2 months older and used to playing outside endlessly.  These 2 boys roamed the beach between their campspot by the palapas and ours in the trees, swimming days away in their lifejackets, flying kites, digging wholeheartedly in the sand.  holds seahorse

They explored nature together, gave forgiving hugs, and constantly wanted to eat.  When ‘I’ had to leave to catch a plan he came by our campsite to unload his cool fire-breathing dragon boogie board with Laars and give final hugs.  He was a Treasure of a Friend.



Gaelyn holds the seahorse Mitchell found up on the beach when he was fishing

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