Layne’s Arrival in Mexico

Layne has never had a desire to come to Mexico…..too popular a destination…until that’s where she has to go to see her family….then she’ll go just about anywhere.First dad hugWe picked Layne (our eldest daughter) up this past Wednesday and one of her first comments was “You all look weird!”  Tans, and blonde hair, and most of the children have grown exponentially and some have entered puberty in the past 6 months since we last saw her.

Layne now calls her 'little' brother Tarzan

Layne now calls her ‘little’ brother Tarzan

L & L

L & L

Before leaving San Jose we got supper in some obscure backstreet of town where we’d never been before.Peace

Pigging Out

Pigging Out

Layne & Mom (Karen)

Layne & Mom (Karen)

One of Layne’s requests before she came to Mexico was that we celebrate all the birthdays that we haven’t been able to share together over the wintertime which is our family’s busy Birthday Season, and especially because 3 of them this time around are Golden (or we’ve been told they are also known as Champagne birthdays).  So we bought a 3 Leche cake that’s so yummy, put up our Birthday banner and used our fancy tablecloth, placed the bare-butt angel candle on our cake and sang “Happy Birthday to Us”.

Everybody's Birthday Cake

Everybody’s Birthday Cake

We’ve all just enjoyed hanging with each other, lazy days swimming, snorkelling, reading (aloud and silently), eating more than our share,  and chatting about her work & life back in BC and ours on the Baja.

VIEW FROM OUR KITCHEN:getting ready for the beach

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