Benito Brings His Family

We met Benito when Felipe came to buy the kayak from Bernie, and he said he would bring his family up to meet us someday.  So we weren’t totally surprised when we were loafing on the beach and they sauntered up to us.

Benito, Juanita and little Michelle

Benito, Juanita and little Michelle

Benito is a skipper and fishing guide so he’s picked up some decent English from his clients.  However, Juanita and shy Michelle don’t speak even a single word of English nor seem to understand it so it was a challenge to converse.  I am not necessarily the best conversationalist, and don’t do small talk well.  Add in that we aren’t speaking the same language…….we did spend a pleasant afternoon with them, sharing snacks, playing in the water, learning about their lives via Benny.



Toveli's Belly

Toveli’s Belly


2 thoughts on “Benito Brings His Family

  1. Karen, want you to know, just because I don’t comment, doesn’t mean that we don’t check you out. We read every word & look at every picture. Again, Thank You for sharing everything with us.


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