Tugging at Helen’s Heart

Sitting, telling stories

Sitting, telling stories

When the kids were overcome with mite bites from the damned waters at Agua Caliente Helen happened to stop by to meet us, having heard about us from Mike and Jeanne.  Helen was comforting, calming, compassionate and….harvested and filleted aloe vera to soothe the children’s skin.

Helen and her hubby have a house near Agua Caliente but they like to come spend some time at Los Frailes when there are enough wind-free days to enjoy the beach.  Helen always stops in to visit with the children (and whoever else is in camp).

Laars was showing off his Hulla-hooping skills (Everette found the hoop in the garbage dump) and encouraged Helen to show us her skills.

showing off

showing off

Organic gardeners from Osoyoos they will be traipsing our old neck of the woods this summer, seeing if they could transplant somewhere between grandchildren in Vancouver and Tofino for part of the year while spending the rest down here.

Grandchildren tug Helen’s heart north.

I can identify.


Ta da!!

Ta da!!

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