Semana Santa Come & Gone: Transforms our Beach

Holy  Week in Mexico

Upside this week was the municipality sent in workers to replace all the roofs on the beach palapas.  2013-03-27 16.31.56They removed the lifeguard tower which had rotting supports and was never used other than by pooping vultures.  The men painted the palapa posts.  Extra garbage cans where delivered and some port-a-potties were, too.  2013-03-27 16.32.40

An entrepeneur set up a bar on the beach under grande Corona umbrella.  Tents and lean-tos went the length of the beach with multiple vehicles sunk in the sand.2013-03-31 08.47.18

We had fireworks for the past 2 evenings, Mexican music playing until midnight, volleyball and soccer games on the beach, our children invited to play along. Lots of laughter and just a plain old jovial atmosphere.

The downside this week was quads zooming around from 6am til 11pm, smoke in our tents, more-than-usual mess in the outhouses, and toilet paper (& other garbage) everywhere.  2013-03-31 10.21.53Most of them have pulled up stakes and dug themselves out of the sand and headed for home tonight, leaving trash both in garbage bags (that’s ok) and blowing in the wind and floating in the water (not ok).

Updated: Was glad to see the municipality sent workers to clean up Monday morning.  They scrounged the beach and banks for garbage, hauled away the extra garbage and canisters (but left the crappy toilet paper streamers!).  Now a local is scanning the beach with his metal detector for some finds.  Laars already found 2 pesos (not worth much).

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