Felipe & Benito Steal the Kayak

Bernie sold his kayak to a Mexican friend, Felipe, a few weeks before Bernie was leaving Baja.  So we were introduced to Felipe as the ‘caretakers’ of the kayak between Bernie’s departure and Felipe’s pick up.  We were hopeful that Felipe just wouldn’t come pick it up, then Bernie said Mitchell could keep it.

Well, Felipe showed up with his friend Benny to claim his kayak of which we were sad to say Bye to, as it was Mitchell’s means of catching us lunch and supper.  But them’s the breaks.



But we had a great visit with Felipe and Benny on the beach, consuming their queso (cheese) and beer and contributing our smoked fish (from Kayak John).  Like many locals (wherever one lives) they rarely take in the beach or the sites so it was a nice couple of hours for the guys to sit on the beach, wade in the surf, enjoy the afternoon sun.Benny sharing pics

And Felipe noticed my tan was far superior to his!  Whose the lazy one 😉  The blonde Canadian. Yah!

At one of our roadside stops for lunch.

At one of our roadside stops for lunch.


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