Spinning Tops

When the kids would go to the Upper Arroyo to visit Janie to do crafts or trade DVD’s for the week, they sometimes would run into Jim  who lives just across the way.  He’s the one who told us about the sharks the fishermen caught, or about jellyfish passing by in big numbers.  He spots the kids and sends home the rest of his Kirkland chocolate covered almonds, or Jelly Belly jellybeans.  He claims he buys the big packages and then gets tired of the sugar so pawns them off on our big-eyed youngsters.

But I think he must have a big heart for kids.  Because yesterday morning it wasn’t candies.  And it wasn’t left-overs.

I’m waiting in line to pay the vendor.  I look down and Gaelyn is holding a package with wooden spinning tops inside.  I inquire as to where they came from.  She says they are from Jim.

I look across the tables of produce and shoppers to Jim sitting on his quad conversing with someone.  I catch his eye looking our direction.

He winks a knowing wink.



spinning tops





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