Nobody is clear exactly where the marine park borders are but seldom does anybody come to enforce it.  Some people say you can fish anywhere from the shore, some say otherwise.  Some say you don’t need a license to fish anywhere anytime from shore.  Everybody agrees, though, that everybody in a boat where anybody is fishing absolutely must have a license.

We don’t have licenses.  We haven’t had fishing rods.  I think we left our only one(s) with our neighbours back in Sooke, not having space in the van nor thinking we weren’t likely to go fishing.  Duh, what a stupid move.

We could have been fishing tonnes, eating free fish and cutting our grocery bill.  Oh well, can’t always make the right decisions.

There have been many die-hard fishermen here (few wives go out, and I don’t think any on there own)  and they sometimes pass on fish to our family, I think mostly when they can’t be bothered to clean their catch.  

Many men have been kind enough to take Everette or Mitchell out for an occasional day fishing, ever since we were in Arizona in the fall.  Here at Los Frailes many men have encouraged Mitchell to pursue fishing.

John (& his wife Teresa where supposedly the first Canadians to commercially roast coffee beans) came into camp one evening asking “Is there a Mitchell here?  Mitchell!   Mitchell!”  (he full well knew) with a blue rod in his hand and a reel in the other, a roll of line tucked under his arm.

He said, “I heard that some guy Mitchell was looking for some fishing equipment.”

For now its on loan, and when John and Teresa are about to pull out of camp he’ll decide whether he will sell it to us if Mitchell has found enough interest in it.

Last night he cast from shore and got 4 fish in about 15 minutes.  He’s not had that kind of action ever before.  He says “Maybe its because I sharpened my hook?”  Whatever.MW prepping

This morning he set his alarm to be up at 5am to go fishing with ‘Kayak John’ (a different John than brought the rod).  We temporarily have the use of a kayak so Mitchell paddled out with John to the legal waters to fish and came back with a prized red snapper.  Mmmm, that was a tasty lunch today on Caesar salad!



fishing rod in its 'hiding place' where the brothers can't reach it!

fishing rod in its ‘hiding place’ where the brothers can’t reach it!

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