A Day in Our Life at Los Frailes

No two days are the same, ever.  For any of us.  But we’ve been asked what a typical day might look like for us while we aren’t on the road traveling.  So, here goes.

Everette and I can hear the bees start to buzz in the big central tree in our camp and we know its time to rise. Almost all of us, everyday, rise before the sun does.  Believe me, we didn’t use to.

Anders @ sunrise

Anders @ sunrise

Everette boils water on the Coleman stove, grinds the coffee beans fresh via solar and our marine battery, then uses the French press.  All those awake get their small dose of coffee and we head to the beach to see (finish??) the sun rising.

We visit with the fisherman, usually the gringos, before they set out.  Mitchell is usually long gone fishing and we spot him way out in the bay.

We watch the rays jump and hope to see ballenas (whales) although there are fewer and fewer sightings now as they prepare for their journey north.

We scrounge up breakfast.  Often it’s tortillas (wraps) with bananas and peanut butter, or apples with peanut butter, or muesli with the fixings.  Once a week it might be pancakes or french toast.

Then its time to hit the water.  (Hot days we hit the water before breakfast and play straight to brunch or lunch.)  We snorkel, or swim, or play on the boogie boards.  It kind of depends on the wave action and who feels up to what.  We read individually at the beach, or if we are planted under a palapa I might read aloud.  We work on Soduko or Wordfinds, write blog posts or prepare emails if there’s enough battery life in the computers.

Family meet the incoming fishermen to see what they caught today.  MW

There are our own fish to clean, hopefully, and some tidying up in camp at some point in the day.  If its cooler out then I do bigger cleaning jobs like sweeping the van seats and floor, or sweeping out a tent as they get full of sand and dead ants and who-knows-what-else.

Lunch is often our big meal, fish if Mitchell has had success.  We make fish tacos with fresh guacamole and have carrots & cucumbers with dip.  This is usually the time of day that the dishes get washed.  The solar shower has hot enough water to wash most except the greasiest of dishes.

When the sun is the hottest I let the kids usually watch a video in the van to give them a break from the rays.  If its a cooler day then they swim some more and will watch a video after supper.

We usually connect on internet late afternoons before supper and/or before the sky gets too dark.

Supper is left overs from lunch, i.e. tonight its fish patties with veggies.  If there’s no leftovers its usually fruit or raw veggies, hold in your hand and very little dishes.  I read aloud usually at this time of the day.  We might take a walk down the beach, play bocce ball or frisbee golf, watch the moon rise or sunset or both, and watch the stars as they start to peek out.  We watch the moths collect around our solar light as we do more puzzles or read and sip a drink and hear about the day and how it went.

Toveli writing

Toveli writing

There are always variations, and many interactions with the other campers here/there/everywhere.  However, many are leaving before Easter which is a huge vacation time for the Mexicans.  These are people who have been here since October or November, long before we even showed up.  They are the long-term campers who have been coming here for one or two decades!!  So now nearly everyday we are saying goodbye to somebody else.  There are new people coming in, too, but they stay a few nights and are gone.

We all go to bed early, after a mass-migration to the banos with flashlights in hand to lookout for rattlers.  Storytime in bed is sometimes done by mom or dad but often Gaelyn now reads to her brothers.  She enjoys it.  The rest of us climb into our own tents and read the evening away.

Day is done.

6 thoughts on “A Day in Our Life at Los Frailes

  1. I love this post Karen! I often wonder what kind of day you all are having! Our lives are so very different. I would love to spend a week or two in your life! 🙂 Sounds so wonderful!

    • We’d love for you to join us for a week or 2, too, Tash. Bring Darryl next winter when we are back in Mexico. Layne comes in 2 weeks then we are heading back to states for the summer, then back to Mexico in the fall. Join us!!

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