Luxury Office in the Outback

Come into My Office. Karen This is where we go to get pretty good internet with our TelCel usb.  Better service than in some of the bigger towns, even. arrow to office

The office is on the hill between the bay and the green dried-up lagoon.  This view was taken when Mitchell and Maret camped up on the hill for the night.

We walk about 5 minutes in flip-flops through medium-grain sand to get to our office (unless we stop to chat).  Its a bit of a hike up a sandy hillpathway

to overlook the beach below, watching sailboats and catamarans come and go from the bayin front

watch rays jumping and whales breaching,a sea lion returning to his colony around the point,right

hear the children frolicking in the water in the distance.

family swim

We sit on a legless caste-away chair  that was retrieved from the garbage bin by Bernie and passed on to us.  We sit in a small valley running down a gentle slope that overlooks the beauty.Ev

We are on the lookout for snakes and are usually only startled by the frequent lizards.  But the other day I was surprised when Maret pointed out to me a large snakeskin stuck in the dried grasses right beside where we usually sit.snakeskin

The next day I remembered to bring my phone up the hill so I could photograph the skin.  But that’s the day I heard a  ‘typical’ sound behind me that scares me and usually turns out to be nothing but leaves in the breeze.  But this time it was a (harmless, I think) snake at least 3 feet long heading in my direction.  A shimmer of light blues and yellows.  Alone and hating snakes I had to calm myself down because nobody else was there to do it for me!

I can’t say he saw me, and didn’t appear to hear me.: I didn’t see his tongue flicking to detect any vibrations.  He veered slowly to his left and went in the grasses and shrubs up behind the skin I had just taken a picture of, stopping for a moment to check out a hole in the ground.  His tongue was flicking then.  He headed down the small bank towards the trail I was on again, and I was calm enough to think of taking a picture.  Not fast enough to zoom-in but this is what I got:snake

At the click of my phone he picked up speed and raced across the trail on which we sit and up into the bush to our right.

It’s a special office.  I just could do without the snakes, thank you very much.



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