Adopted Grandparents

Some people just seem made to be grandparents.  Those with big hearts, endless patience, lots of time.

Some of us missed out on the enjoyment of having involved grandparents.  I did.  All my grandparents lived on the prairies while we lived in BC.  My fraternal grandparents were both dead by the time I was 2,  and my maternal grandparents were both gone while I was in elementary school and we seldom saw them.  I have few memories of either of them…..actually none of my grandpa.

When my own father died when our eldest two girls were only 6 months and almost 2, my first thought was “My kids aren’t going to know their Grampa.”  That made me so sad.  Now both of their Grandpa’s are gone.

But we are collecting “Adopted” Grandparents for the kids.  Actually, by the children’s own choices, reciprocated.

Smith's leavingTim and Ann were generous, thoughtful, kind, patient, always an attentive ear.  They poured into the kids for the weeks that they were here.  They shared their paddle boards, their knowledge, their resources (recharged our computers with their solar panels since ours struggled to keep up with demand during portfolio time), pictures of their own grandchildren.  They opened their camper and their hearts to us.

And anyone who saved Gaelyn’s Mardi Gras hat from the garbage and wears it, or keeps it on his dashboard like a mascot…..that’s a Grampa!!We’re coming to Colorado to spend more time with you, Tim and Ann.  You won our hearts.

Tim Smith with G hat


Our solar panels

Our solar panels

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