Sister Mary Kayaking

There are some people who are just plain fun to be around.  Great for sharing a laugh, a secret, a lazy afternoon.  Full of compliments that build you up without being sappy.  Who embrace the children like they are Stars of this world.

Meet Janie.leaving her info

The movie lady with over a hundered DVD’s to pick from, including our favourite Planet Earth.

The one who brought over the fart machine for Toveli’s birthday.

The one married to Joe who got took Mitchell and Everette out fishing on different mornings, seeing them as individuals, and got our kids interested in having hermit crabs as pets.Joe

The craft lady who got the kids to help her make Mardi Gras necklaces out of dried mini-marshmallows and cranraisins.

The one who piled the kids (& me) on her quad (and struggled to get it into reverse so instead she drove us through the shrubs) to take us for jaunts down to the arroyo where they lived, and let Gaelyn drive the darn thing.

2013-03-08 18.20.27

The one who tried out her new-to-her sit-IN kayak and wore her never-been-used-self-inflating 12 year old pfd (personal floatation device i.e. life preserver) but got stuck when trying to exit gracefully  out of the kayak & the pfd inflated and threw her neck skywards and she became a full size kayak wedgy.  She figures she could have won $10,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos if one of the 2 witnesses had been filming.  She was tempted to stage a repeat but its never as funny as the first unplanned time!!

So when we had a Birthday Cake in her honour Shelly had created a masterpiece……cake topper

for Sister Mary(‘s Kayaking)

Janie, you are an absolute delight to know.  Your warm heart is already missed by our family, and we truly hope our paths will cross (besides, we found 2 of your DVD’s in our van.  Oops).  Confirm and we’ll come visit you when you are hosting this summer.



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