Toveli’s Golden Birthday

Growing up I had no idea of a ‘Golden Birthday’.  I was long past mine before our older girls informed us of this mile stone.  Ones “Golden Birthday” is when you turn the same age of the date on which you were born.  For example, if you were unlucky to be born on the 1st of the month, your “Golden Birthday” would be your first birthday and you would miss out!

So, today is the 11th and Toveli turned 11 today!!2013-03-10 14.20.14

So Happy Golden Birthday

Miss Toveli

Janie came over to help us eat the yummy chocolate cake with extra fixings which turned it into gourmet sugar goop!!  Yum!  The memorable part (well, just being with Janie is always memorable!) was that Janie snuck over her farting contraption and then the kids went with her to play some tricks on the neighbours!

2013-03-10 14.29.54



Tov on our new swing

Tov on our new swing

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