8 Things I Miss in Canada

Not in any particular order.

1) Bountiful clean water: for bathing in, drinking, making ice cubes, washing.  Laundry and cleaning dishes is no longer convenient with plumbing, and with our large family it seemed like endless jobs.  Now we eat using less dishes/cutlery if possible, wipe dishes out if appropriate, and re-wear clothes almost endlessly.  Besides, we live more in our bathing suits so our laundry pile stays smaller.  But I still miss the ease of water back in Canada.

2) Friends and Family: self-explanatory

3) Endless Internet: I have so much I want to research i.e. waterproof camera, educational stuff, how to make money online, sights to see and where to go next, etc.  And to talk on Skype with friends and family.

4) Popcorn and a Movie: at home with family cuddling on the couches.

Popcorn at a campfire sing song (Thanks Joe for sharing your popcorn)

Popcorn at a campfire sing song (Thanks Joe for sharing your popcorn)

5) Library: miss requesting books and bringing books home by the piles to enjoy with the kids.

6) The Stick in the Mud: our favourite coffee shop in Sooke, BC.  As much for the friendly staff as for the coffee.

7) Making Smoothies: they were easy to make, convenient, quick and nutritious.  Wow, I miss those on a daily basis.

8) Fridge and Freezer:  it’s much harder to keep things fresh down here in the heat without electricity.  Storing food for our size of family between vendor’s visits or trips to town is a bit of a challenge.  And something cold and refreshing is a real treat!



fresh grapefruit juice

fresh grapefruit juice

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