Shady Books


We live in The Trees community where at it’s centre is THE Big Tree, where the gringos congregate on Sundays for the vendor, or we scrounge the lending library for a new read.

At one point we owned about 2,500 books from Dr Seuss & Goodnight Moon to Ansel Adams & Mark Twain.  One of the hardest things for us to lighten up on for our cross-country moves or now for slow long-term traveling is our beloved books.  And not just the well-loved ones, but the ones that I think “somebody might find this one interesting!”  I just never know what might pique the interest of one of the children so I like to have a wide variety of subjects & authors on hand, like books on poetry, building paper airplanes, komodo dragons or Mayan pyramids.

When having to fit everything we needed into our 15-passenger van including 9 passengers, we didn’t have much space for books so we had to cull deeply.  Long-time favourites made the skinny list.  Little House on the Prairies, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, a series of Canadian history by Pierre Burton, The Shack and Charlotte’s Web.  A few others.  Some reference books.

We miss going to the library and toting home books by the dozens.  I don’t miss misplacing books and paying over-due fines.

Neither of those are our present reality.

What is our reality?

Library 'shelves'

Library ‘shelves’

Under the big tree you find weathered boxes holding weathered books along with debris from the trees and crickets, roaches and spiders.  Old magazines, romance novels, craft books, murder mystery, sci-fi, some DVD’s.


Hours of operation vary and are signified by the removal of the blue tarp.  Bad weather can alter the hours.  And a hand slipped under the tarp makes it open 24/7.


Borrowed books on the kitchen table

Borrowed books on the kitchen table


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