Jellies, Head & Back Massages

I find The water cold (frio) as do the Mexicans.  Even when I wear my wet suit which is too big in the neck so it still lets cold water flow over my body.

But the kids adventure in practically every day, no matter the weather.  Today I went in, too.

Here’s the deal that went down.

Toveli offered me a head massage.  Gaelyn followed with offering a foot massage.  All I had to do was go swimming with them, with or without my wet suit.

Deal On!

(Secret: I had been contemplating going swimming anyways!)

So today I got my first jellyfish sting.  Doesn’t hurt too bad.  Kind of like the initial sting when you’re getting blood drawn.  I know there are other nastier stings…..much nastier like Man O’ Wars.  But for now these little clear ones are mild and plentiful.

The children have had dozens of stings sometimes almost a dozen at a time, like they unknowingly have floated through a gang of them.  They usually just look a bit like a mosquito bite, small red welt.

From the beach (warming in the sunshine) we watched whales way off near the horizon.  Always magic.

I re-entered the water.  Playing in the abnormally big waves today.  Then Maret says, “I think I can hear the whales!”  We put our ears under the water.  Sure enough just like in the documentaries we hear them singing.  Unbelievable.  Our eyes dance with surprise.

Then Anders grunts in his snorkel and points.  There are whales right in our bay, just a few hundred yards away.  They were probably the ones we heard.  AMAZING!!


applying lime juice

applying lime juice

Update: Tov got a nasty jellyfish sting right down her forearm and short way up the upper arm.  We were told to put lime juice on it.  I’ve heard urine helps but she wasn’t game for that, and hard to aim in that position.

can see some of the welt

can see some of the welt

2 thoughts on “Jellies, Head & Back Massages

    • Thanks, David. We are having a ball. Going surfing tomorrow and playing on sand dunes. Other than getting more sand in the sheets at night I think we’ll have a great day.

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