Surfing Safari

This morning a young woman walks into our camp, book in outstretched hand.  “I thought you might be interested in reading this to your kids.  I just finished reading it myself last night and thought it was fantastic!”

Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I

Nothing like an introduction!  I tell her my name, and her likewise.  They pulled in in the dark last night and already are packing up to head out this morning to surf south of here.  In the lull of packing up Jen and her friend Mackenzie visited with the kids and I while I finished making breakfast.

Turns out that Everette had met Jen and her friends (not surprising!) when we spent my birthday at Arbelitos (Mermaid Beach).  This morning he decided to go over and inquire from the guys what their recommendations were regarding a beginner’s surfboard.

“Just like this orange board!”

Everette retrieves Mitchell from camp (gives a wink in my direction) to check it out and in probably less than 5 minutes we own a surfboard.

 Right Place.  Right Time.  Cash in Hand.

 It’s Ours



2 thoughts on “Surfing Safari

    • Very cool! Heading to the sand dunes beach tomorrow to see about catching some waves. Picked up 3 boogie boards today, too, so more ppl can have fun at the same time.

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